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Miru 1month

Designed to let you see the world in a new way, Miru 1month contact lenses have a unique edge profile applied across the whole power range, providing the ultimate in uniform comfort. Whatever your prescription, the lens periphery and the edge thickness remain the same, eliminating comfort differences between eyes due to variation in edge thickness between lenses.


Our eyelids work hard blinking up to 28,000 times a day. This clever edge design allows lids to glide effortlessly over the lens for a more comfortable day.

Material and surface technologies

Material Surface technologies

MeniSilk ™

MeniSilk ™ technology delivers one of the highest levels of oxygen transmission of any commercially available disposable contact lens.

  • High oxygen performance
  • Exceptional hydration
  • Optimised transparency

NanoGloss ™

NanoGloss ™ nanometer precision technology provides an ultra-smooth surface, help reducing bacterial biofilm adhesion and lipid deposits, supporting clean, healthy lens wear.

  • Super smooth surface
  • Resistance to bacteria
  • Excellent wettability

Available in single vision, toric and multifocal

Miru normal
Miru toric
Miru multifocal

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