Miru flat pack

Miru 1day Flat Pack

Designed with the contact lens wearer in mind, Miru 1day Flat Pack offers wearers easy handling and cleaner, more comfortable wear. At barely 1mm thick each foil blister pack is designed to minimise lens handling so contact lenses can be worn with confidence and comfort.


Available in single vision and toric (with astigmatism), Miru 1day Flat Pack lenses are made from poly (HEMA-GMA), a polymer with numerous free hydroxyl radicals that naturally attract and bond tightly with tears, locking in moisture, and allowing rapid lens rehydration with every blink.

Caring For Our Environment:

8x thinner than conventional blister pack

Conventional blister pack

Conventional blister pack: approx. 8mm thick

Miru Flat Pack: approx. 1mm thick

Less raw material. Less waste. Recyclable.

Not only does Miru 1day Flat Pack requires significantly less force to open than a conventional blister pack, it is also 8x thinner than conventional blister pack – resulting in 80% less raw material required.


The thoughtfully designed ultra-slim, lightweight packaging is easy to store taking up little space, great when travelling or for sport and comes with a convenient 30 lens storage case – made from recycled mould plastic.

1 year supply of Miru Flat Pack vs conventional packaging.

1 year supply of Miru Flat Pack vs conventional packaging.

for hygienic handling.

Miru 1day Flat Pack is developed with Smart Touch ™ to reduce the chances of contamination of the lens inner surface. When the pack is opened, the outer surface of the lens always faces up. This eliminates confusion about lens orientation and reduces the need to touch the inner surface of the lens, making it less likely that skin oil or harmful microorganisms will get trapped between the lens and the wearer’s eye.


Reduced risk of microbial contamination

  • Packaging designed specifically for single use.
  • Lack of the conventional bowl shaped blister prevents reuse of the
    blister as a storage case.
  • Volume of lens solution, just 0.2ml, optimised for storage and
    discourages reuse.
  • 3x less bacterial contamination * than conventional lens pack.

* Evaluation of Diminished Microbial Contamination in Handling of a Novel Daily Disposable Flat Pack Contact Lens, M Nomachi et al, Eye & Contact Lens, Vol 39, No 3, May 2013.


¹Clinical evaluation of the Menicon 1day Flat Pack Lens: Izumi Namiki; Journal of Japan Contact Lens Society, 56 (1): 34-39,2014

Smart touch

On opening the outer lens surface always faces up

Smart touch 2

Eliminating the need to touch the inner lens surface.

Smart touch 3

Reducing the risk of contaminating the inner lens surface

Smart touch 2

Minimal handling for improved hygiene.

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